Monthly Archives: October 2014

“Take a Deep Breath…

…and connect to your body. Surrender to what you are experiencing in this moment.”

Breath____by_mechtaniyaSounds simple doesn’t it? “Get grounded, feel your body, let the breath flow through and let go of mental chatter. Surrender and witness to this.”

Why is this so challenging to remember? Why is it so easy to get lost in memories, plans, fantasies and distractions? I’m not sure. I do know I spent many earnest years trying to understand why and ended up with more mental chatter, not less. Now I’m trying to let go of the need to understand certain things like “Why is Life the way it is?”. It’s an obvious question but the process of coming to a conclusion seems to take me further away from the experience of life.

Recently someone gave me a great gift. She was talking about questions to ask in therapy and she suggested avoiding “why” questions and ask “what” questions instead.

Instead of “Why do I get so frustrated with her?” try “What is it that makes me so frustrated with her?”  ‘Why’ takes me into the head and trying to understand intellectually. ‘What’ tends more to discovering an experience and letting insights come from that, rather than theory or memory.

Both ‘what’ or ‘why’ are useful questions depending on the situation. The art is asking the right one at the right time. And then engaging with the answer with the body and the mind.

So… take a Deep Breath…