FB-profile yellow“I would like to help people become happier about who they are. Help them to feel safe. Help them to trust themselves so that they can open up to life’s challenges in a healthy way.”

“My name is Brendan O’Shea. I studied meditation as a Buddhist monk and later as a yoga teacher, and I’m currently studying Transpersonal Counselling. I’ve found mindfulness practices to be the single most helpful technique for getting grounded and discovering inner stillness.”

Brendan was a practicing Graphic Designer for many years, during which he started practicing yoga. It was in Yoga that he first discovered the peace that comes from meditation. A few years after he quit his job and went to England where he joined a Buddhist Community and eventually ordained as a Buddhist monk.

He disrobed after 6 years and returned to Brisbane, working again as a Graphic Designer while studying to be a Yoga Teacher. In 2013 he spent four months in India and Nepal before returning to Australia. Brendan spent a year looking for a new life path after he realised his time as a Graphic Designer was over. He started painting, writing poetry, exploring different types of meditation and yoga – all as part of deepening his inner awareness. At this time he moved to Maleny where he lives with his partner.

He is currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling. He teaches a restorative yoga class in Maleny on Sunday mornings (10.30am-12 noon) and Mindfulness Meditation classes on Thursday nights (7.00pm-8.15pm).