Mindfulness meditation

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Mindfulness Meditation is a simple and highly effective way to avoid stress, anxiety and depression and to enjoy your life more. We start by focusing on the breath so that we can step out of the compulsive habits of thought that destroy inner peace. Anyone can do this. No one is so special they can’t focus on the breath; all it takes is persistence and motivation.

I’ll be teaching Mindfulness Meditation classes in Maleny starting on Thursday October 29 for four Thursday nights. The classes go for an hour and a quarter and are a great way to explore Mindfulness Meditation. Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced meditators who want a refresher.

These classes will give you some practice at mindfulness meditation and will help you find your personal motivation to make your practice a success.

Classes are on these Thursday Nights: October 29, November 5, 12 & 19. Class starts at 7pm and finishes at 8.15pm. 

You don’t need to attend all four classes, attending one or two will still be beneficial. No need to book, just turn up on the night. The cost is $15.

The venue is The Clinic, which is behind 39 Maple Street, Maleny. Look for Colin James Ice Cream and you’ll see a ramp to the right. Go down the ramp and The Clinic is on the right. There’s parking available on Maple Street.

The classes will begin with a brief body-based meditation, followed by a short talk on a particular aspect of Mindfulness. We’ll finish each class with a Mindfulness meditation. In this way you can practice your technique and reinspire your enthusiasm for meditation at the same time.

The teacher

FB-profile yellowThese classes are hosted by Brendan O’Shea. He’s worked as a graphic designer, been a Buddhist monk, is now a yoga teacher and studying to be a Transpersonal Counsellor. Brendan shares profound wisdom and his own experiences to show how mindfulness makes life more enjoyable.