P1020526One deep breath… it can make a world of difference.

My name’s Brendan O’Shea and this website showcases some of the things I’m involved with.

I was a Graphic Designer for many years before chucking all that in to become a Buddhist monk. After 6 years of robes I felt my call was to move on and I discovered yoga. I spent a wonderful 4 months in India and came back with no idea of who I was. I did a lot of painting, wrote poetry and explored many different methods of spirituality such as sound circles, drumming, sweat lodges, toning.

I’m currently studying an Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling at the Ikon Institute, and I am delighted at this opportunity to use all the things I’ve learnt and experienced in this amazing practice of counselling. At the heart of counselling is mutual trust and respect; with this anything is possible, because the trust and respect extends to what the two people can achieve, not what they’d already done.

I hope you enjoy the site and feedback is always welcome.